The Beautiful Lady – Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a young boy who rode his bicycle to school every day. And his way, he passed by Mrs. Greene’s house. Mrs. Greene was a beautiful lady with fair skin, shimmering blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She always had a smile and wave for the boy. He was in love with the beautiful lady.

Mrs. Greene spent her days working in her gardens. She was there in the morning and there in the afternoon. Sometimes the boy would stop and talk with Mrs. Greene. She would tell him about the flowers or they would talk about what he had learned in school that day. She was happy and beautiful and he loved the beautiful lady.

One afternoon the boy was peddling his way home and dreaming about seeing the beautiful lady. But as he rounded the corner and started down the street he realized she was not in her garden. He felt scared and disappointed, then he saw her — sitting on the porch step, head hanging down; she appeared to be crying.

When he approached she looked up, startled and somewhat embarrassed and told the boy that she had lost her precious emerald necklace — the necklace that her husband had given her when he left to go to war.

The boy vowed to find the necklace – some day some way.

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Lady – Chapter 1

  1. You have a nice style. This starts off as a very sweet and innocent type of story, somewhat serene. I’m hooked. I want to know what’s going on with the Beautiful Lady. I want to know who the boy is. I also liked that you achieved all this in few words.


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