The Second Child

She is the second child – independent, driven, and adventurous. I do not know when her interest in music began, probably at a very young age as she comes from a family of musicians. I came to know her as a musical talent when she was a young adult, perhaps late teens. She was attending a Christian college and studying music.

I had the great pleasure of attending a recital at her college. The saxophone was her instrument of choice. She played confidently but with reserve, until her final number – she broke into a rendition of Yakety Saks that would have impressed even the greatest. The crowd cheered and she was radiant.

I have followed her from afar. There have been reports of greatness, but could they be true? After all, she is merely a simple young woman from a middle-class family from a small no-name school in a small no-name town.

She is, however, the second child. She has ideas, she has dreams, and she has determination.

I have recently learned that her real love and wish is to sing opera in the greatest halls and on the grandest stages in Europe. Like most aspiring artists, she works crazy hours at jobs no one wants. She holds recitals, performs at weddings, participates in national competitions and works tirelessly in search of her dreams.

She wins competitions. She has been accepted at the finest schools. Soon she will go on to pursue those dreams. I expect to someday see her on the stage and I will be proud to say she is my friend and she is family.

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