The Beautiful Lady – Reworked

Peddling rapidly, Timothy rushed to get to school on time. As he rode past Mrs. Greene’s house, she waved and called, “Have a nice day.” Timothy grinned and waved wildly. Timothy loved Mrs. Greene. Her fair skin, shimmering blond hair and sparkling blue eyes reminded him of a movie star.

Mrs. Greene loved her gardens and labored tirelessly to care for them. She would be there when school ended and he would stop to chat with her. She would describe a flower that was blooming or a new rose that she had just planted; and he would relay the highlights of his day. She was always so cheerful and beautiful and he loved her.

One afternoon rushing to get home, he rounded the corner to Mrs. Greene’s house. As he started down the street he was surprised to not see her in the garden. He felt scared and disappointed, then he spied her — slouched on the porch step, she appeared to be crying.

When he approached she looked up, startled and somewhat embarrassed. She relayed to the boy that her precious emerald necklace was gone. The necklace her husband had given her when he went off to war was gone. She could not remember when she had last felt it securely on her neck.

The boy vowed to find the necklace – some day some way.

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