Eviction Notice

“Mommy, mommy, come quick” Lucy shrieked. “The police have Mrs. Pauley’s house surrounded. And she has a gun!”

“Mrs. Pauley, put the gun down and come out. We only want to talk to you,” the cop bellowed through the loud speaker.

“Go away you bastard, this my house and I’m staying in it,” the old Mrs. Pauley yelled.

“Mommy, does she think they want to take her away? They can’t, can they? It’s her house, she’s been there forever.”

“I don’t know dear.”

“Who is that man with the police? Can’t we help her? She needs help!” little Lucy cried. With tears running down her cheeks, she jumps from the stoop and runs screaming toward the Pauley house.

Just as her feet hit the pavement, the gunshot! Lucy falls, dead in her tracks.

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