Red Noodle Beans

Early this year I retired and my husband and I left the cold and snowy winters behind and moved to Greenville, South Carolina. In this new life I needed to find something to keep me busy and open up opportunities to meet people and make new friends.

Volunteering was the answer!

Through the Greenville Newcomers group I discovered  Project Host – through their community garden, culinary school and soup kitchen, they “use food as a tool to nourish the hungry and train the unemployed.”

Perfect! Sign me up!

Over the past several months we have raised some awesome vegetables and the goods just keep coming. So the primary task that keeps us busy these days is harvesting (and there is always the weeding, of course).

This past week we started picking the new crop of pole beans. On the vines was this very lovely, interesting vegetation. Being new to crops that are grown in the South, I asked what these might be. My co-worker, Sheri, wasn’t familiar with them; but we both agreed they would be nice in a flower arrangement. Agreed?


Being as curious as I am, I googled pole beans to see what I could find out about this curious vegetation. My search revealed a Red Noodle Bean. This would seem to fit except that is not what was planted, as recorded in the log.


Possibly an entry in the log was incomplete and two varieties of pole beans were planted. Regardless, I am eager to get back to the garden and bring some home either for dinner or a fall flower arrangement.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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