About Me

A headshot of me - smiling, grey hair, scarf
I am Miss Judy

The Year was 2015

New opportunities, challenges, and adventures awaited as I approached a new chapter in my life called Retirement. How could I draw on my past experiences, education, and background to embrace those opportunities, challenges, and adventures?

“What would I do?”

With a background in technology and interests gardening, golf, cooking, and crafts perhaps I could start a blog.

“What would I write?”

We were leaving the North for warmer Southern climates. Many opportunities would present themselves to learn gardening in the South. Combining that with my other interests I turned to WordPress and created “gardensandmore.wordpress.com.” I have stumbled and lost motivation and focus over the years, stopping and starting several times with my blog.

“Where am I now?”

We never know where the next road goes. Mine has taken an unexpected turn. Through the encouragement of my followers in the WordPress community, and much self-discovery, I find my interests more toward writing and reading. So, now as we start 2022, I announce that I am embracing the new opportunities, challenges and adventures of retirement with an upgraded and updated website titled Miss Judy Writes, found at “MissJudyWrites.com.”

Who am I?”

Actually I am a Mrs., married 21 years to a wonderful man, Dave. My name, Miss Judy, started about 40 years ago on a trip with 7 girlfriends to South Carolina, they started calling me Miss Judy and it was cemented in when out to dinner one evening we came upon a shrimp boat called Miss Judy.

Dave and I met 36 years ago on a softball field. Our first date was a July 4th outdoor symphony concert; he promised me champagne and strawberries, he brought beer. Dave and I have no children or pets. We had a dog once, Buffy the Wonder Dog, the best dog anyone could ever want. We are too independent and social to assume responsibility for a pet. We play golf and walk on the beach and love living in the South where we can do those year ‘round. When we travel we can be found at an all-inclusive resort or on a cruise where we lazily wile away the days in a beach chair with a book, or two or three.

me and Dave bundled up for the cold
Dave and Me

Please join me on my journey!