The End is Near – What have I learned?

It is day 19 of Writing 101 and we are back almost where we began – free writing. The goal today is to let the words fly. So what have I learned during the past 18 days – about writing and about myself.

Why did I embark on the journey? The primary reason was to start writing a blog so I have something to do when i retire, which is happening soon. A couple of years ago, I knew I needed a topic for my blog, so I chose Gardening and other things related. If you have read my blog posts over the past few weeks you will see that I have written nothing much related to gardening or other related things. I have been responding to our daily prompts – I hope you have enjoyed some of them.

What did I learn about myself? That I have an interest in writing, and according to some I am quite good at it. Am I going to supplement my retirement income? Most likely not. I will continue learning and writing, however.

I have also learned to read more. I read now, but mostly I read the words; I don’t consider what I am reading or how it is written, how the characters and scenes develop. Being aware of these aspects should help me be more creative and polished in my own writing.

There is a dark side but I am afraid to write it. Several of the prompts gave light to my dark thoughts but I was reluctant to put pen to paper. This may have been because it is going on my personal blog site and out for the world to see, which seems to make it more real for me than in a printed manuscript.

And I write short posts. This is me.  I am the quiet one in the group with little to say. My friends say, “she doesn’t say a lot but when she speaks, people listen.” Sometimes I’m not sure that’s a good thing as I tend to blurt out bad things if I don’t develop a thought thoroughly before speaking.

With that said, you can  imagine that writing this 400 word post has been challenging for me. Words don’t flow out of my brain without some thought.

What have I learned? A lot but I have only scratched the surface. I look forward to the next chapter in my writing experience, and retirement.