Meet Miss Judy

Hello! Welcome to Miss Judy’s Garden.

A married retiree from Central New York, she lives at the beach in South Carolina with her husband, Dave (aka Bud). Her interests are golfing, gardening, reading, photography and occasionally cooking.

She grew up a country girl, raising vegetables and flowers on a small patch of land on the family farm. She and her siblings were members of the 4-H (head, heart, hands, health) and spent summers working the garden so they would have Blue Ribbon entries for the County Fair. Their goal was to win the ribbon that claimed “best of show” from the Great New York State Fair.

Her green thumb comes simply from experience, interest and enjoyment in watching the tiniest of seeds grow into a beautiful flowering plant or a delicious addition to meals or snacks.

Miss Judy loves to read and while historical fiction is her go-to choice, she does venture off to many other genre. Golf is a hobby she and Dave share, living on a golf course provides opportunities and entertainment.

Some 20+ years ago Judy was diagnosed with essential tremors, and non-life threatening neurological disease believed to be inherited. Deep brain stimulation surgery in 2018 provided some relief from the shaking, but it still affects every facet of her life. A strong will and with great support from her husband, friends, and family Judy enjoys life.

Through this blog you will have a window into her thoughts, experiences, likes/dislikes and maybe even gather a bit of knowledge while she explores and develops her writing.

Please follow along.

7 thoughts on “Meet Miss Judy

  1. I attempted to leave a comment on your response to the photo challenge Top of the Hill from Weekly Prompts. I couldn’t find a comment box. However, I love your pictures and I thank you for linking to us at Weekly Prompts, so pleased you could join us! 🙂

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      1. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. We turned off the comments on our page so that the pingbacks would be displayed correctly and not be mixed up with normal comments. This makes it easier for everyone to take a look at each other’s. We have a comments section on the Talk to Us page. Take another look at the top of the hill post and you’ll see what I mean. So sorry it wasn’t clear enough. Thank you 😊

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  2. Miss Judy,
    Thank you so much for supporting my Cover Reveal Giveaway 🙂
    Please will you drop me a line so that I know where to email you the eBook? My email address is visible on my blog under About Pat / Contact.
    Also, do let e know if you prefer MOBI / EPUB or PDF file.
    Thank you so much.
    Kind Regards,
    Patricia Furstenberg

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