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Smacked By A Beavertail – a 99-Word-Story

May 30, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a beaver slap. It can be an actual tail slap warning on the water or an imitation. Is a beaver slap the name of something — a new type of burger, perfume, or a sci-fi gadget? Take ecological and poetic…

An Old Woman and a Beast – 99WordStory

This week at Carrot Ranch Charli challenged us to write about an old woman and a beast. My mind went to my friend’s dog, Duke Ellington, 150 lbs of lovable white fur, he truly is a “beast.” I mean that in only a nice way. I hope you like my story.

I Found My Best Friend On A Road Trip

If you saw a dog in distress would you stop and pick it up? Read this 99 word story about 2 friends on a cross county trip.

The Playgrounds of Old

Where was your playground growing up? Mine was the great outdoors – read my 99-word story to learn more.

A Saturnine Soul

Sometime ago, as we sat enjoying a drink at a local watering hole, we saw a young man bring this guy in, hook his lead to the table and leave. I snapped the picture in search of a story. When the prompt saturnine from Sammi Cox appeared, I knew I had found a story. We…

Thank You, Mother Nature!

If you were to write a letter to Mother Nature, what would you say? Read azn earthling’s response in 99 words.

Moonlit Dreams and Chocolate

Dreams can come true. Read of moonlit dreams and chocolate in this very short story.


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