Creative Writing is a new endeavor for me. Here you will find stories, poetry and verse that I have created myself.

Since I am new to writing, I welcome constructive feedback and would also be interested in a collaborative learning effort. — Poetry, verse, writing prompts, flash fiction —

Just Ask Alexa — #99-word-stories

September 26, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase, “broken arm.” What is the situation? Who is involved? Let the word take you into a story. Go where the prompt leads! Fall approaches, Mr. Beer Connoisseur abandons the fruity, light beers of summer and embarks on a …

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And They Played On

Rain cascades from above, a curtainA dull gray mist cools the summer airA chill caresses the skinAnd the golfers play onThunder in the distanceWarning a storm’s approachThe skies turn darkAnd the golfers play onThunder louder, deeper, closerA crack of lighteningRain pours downAnd the golfers play onAs I sit safe insideAnd emplore of themBe safe my …

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Starting Over – #99wordstory

The day had come to a close, Howard left to turn-out the lights. He had maintained the hotel swimmingly for over 50 years, she was his baby. They were being retired. As he closed the door, a tear caressed his cheek. Howard arrived home to find Martha busy preparing a king’s dinner – her king …

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Sarah had always known she was adopted. The Graham’s told her she was loved as their own. Growing up her life had seemed almost normal, but somehow different from her friend’s. She remembered coming to live with the Graham’s from “the home.” She was 13 months old and had been at “the home” since birth. …

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The Creek — 99-word stories

This week, July 18th, Charli at Carrot Ranch’s inspiration for the 99-word story Collection is the word FLOAT. This quickly took me back to my youth, remembering the good times we had at Grandma and Grandpa’s house by the creek. I hope you get as much joy from reading my two 99-word stories as I …

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A 1950’s Christmas – Throwback Thursday

You are invited to share a remembrance with me from Christmas at my home in the 1950’s. A 99-word story written and shared for #ThrowbackThursday and Christmas in July 2022. This was originally posted in 2020.

On Finding A Diamond In The Rough

Friday, July 1st, first Friday of the month and time for Cowsino Night! Brought to you by the follks at The Saddle Up Saloon. The rules are simple. Write a 7-sentence story using the 3 pictures in this month’s spin of the slot machine. My interpretation of GEM – LEMONADE – GIRL WALKING

Dead At The Canyon

***** She feels her foot slip, feels the cool air, she’s falling. Trembling she awakes, skin clammy and cold. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, its natural beauty – vast, wild, stark. We left the arid desert, traveled past cactus dotted hillsides, snowcapped mountains glistened in the distance. “Stay On The Trail!” A young man fearlessly climbed …

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Saddle Up Saloon: Cowsino June 2022

Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
Welcome to the Saddle Up Saloon where we feature interactive characters, real-life authors & poets, the occasional Carrot Ranch announcement, and a Cowsino story game every first Friday of the month. You can learn about the craft of creative writing, introduce your own characters to the Kid &…

A Monument to the Dead, A Monument for the Living

A monument, a memorial, a memory – We build monuments and to preserve memories for a life lost too soon,from a sensseless killing or tragic accident. This is a story of those monuments.

Retrofit – A Once Sleepy Little Town

Board by grey, weathered board the buildings come down. Storage sheds abandoned long ago. Barges loaded with cotton and tobacco no longer arrive from plantations upriver.  Once grand, sprawling plantations, sold or parceled, their structures abandoned or destroyed, the land plowed over for more profitable crops.  Some survive, museums, a reminder of a sad, dark …

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Flashback Friday – Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway

I dug deep into my archives for a post originally written in June 2020 and invite you to: Come join me as I reminisce of a daytrip Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway. Re-written for Flashback Friday May 2022. Please note – Comments are turned off for this post. Please leave comments on the original post.

When Dreams Aren’t Enough

IWhat becomes of a mother’s love when dreams aren’t fulfilled? Or when pain, disappointment and contempt prevail? This is Isabel’s story..

Guilty? Or Not? Will the Committee Decide?

“He’s guilty!” “Arrest him!” Everyone knew who was responsible. The authorities called for calm. They would need ironclad facts to convict. “We need an investigating committee.” The committee spoke with hundreds of witnesses and gathered thousands of documents and digital records. The days and months wore on, evidence piled up. Nothing seemed enough. They needed …

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When The Waters Call, Do You Answer?

When all love is gone, where do you turn? How do you escape when the road seems endless? In 99 words Rachel finds the answer.

Breaking News…from the ietf

We interrupt Tuesday Trivia to bring you a special message from ietf… March is National Essential Tremor Awareness Month What is Essential Tremor? Essential Tremor is a neurological condition that causes a rhythmic trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs or trunk. It is often confused with Parkinson’s disease although essential tremor is eight times …

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No Zippers Required!

In the dimly lit Doll House, a crowd anxiously awaits the Show, Her Show. She is the Queen, Mistress of the Tease. The music starts seductive and low, growing to a fever pitch. The spotlight shines – She’s On!

Can There Be Security When You Are Alone?

A young child stands at the window, sobbing, tears of grief fill his eyes. He watches the car drive away. “Come back,” he screams. He doesn’t understand

Skeletons in the Attic

There is a certain mysteriousness in an attic. An attic is a solemn place where memories of days gone by dwell. This is where my story begins. Father passed away many years ago now and Mom is not well. Our family home is being cleaned out and prepared for auction. The heartbreak in knowing we …

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Hunker Down and Cooped Up-Is it Winter?

Winter came overnight.Temperature dropped andRain turned to ice thenIce turned to snow.Now the storm has passedGone out to seaOr North perhaps Where it ought to be.As the new day dawnsA glimpse of sun will there be?Yes, I dare hope we will see!

Is He Dead or Alive? What’s Next for Carrie? – Carrie’s Mission Part 1

The cottage was cozy and warm, the porch perfect for unwinding. A wine and cheese gift basket welcomed her. Exhausted, Carrie was glad to be in her homeaway home. She understood her mission, knew her target, nothing left to be done tonight. Grabbing a glass and the wine, she retired to the porch. Lights flickered …

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A Fair, A Celebration – It is an event for the senses

Soon the gates open to the New York State Fair celebrating the State’s agricultural industry. When we walk through we encounter a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells. We find barns filled with cows, pigs, chickens and horses, prize winning animals raised by young farmers. Our senses are alive! We tour buildings with products from …

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On the Demise of a Skink

It is with regret that I report the sudden demise of Skink No. 1. Skink No. 1 was seen entering the residence of Pamela and Robert Johnson the afternoon of Friday the 13th. The owners gave chase but were unable to capture the evasive skink. After several hours of surveillance and pursuit, Robert was able …

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Who Can Resist a Story About a Little Girl and a Sad Dirty Puppy

“Miss Ellie, Miss Ellie – come quick, it’s Rebecca!” “Rebecca, whatever happened to you? And where did you get this filthy dog? Come here and tell me.” “Momma, I was walking home from Penny’s party. Oh Momma, it was so much fun, we sang, played games and a man was doing magic tricks, and” “Rebecca, …

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A New Day, A New Life

What happens when a women grows old and realizes her life has been spent pleasing everyone except herself? Can she truly just walk away from her family?

Will You Come Walk With Me?

Come walk with me where we can sit among the clouds Listen to the whisper of the breeze thru the trees Feel the cool mist that frees us from the summer heat below Become entranced by the stark calming beauty Where eagles soar in the distance Hold my hand, kiss my lips, love me forever. …

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