Four for Friday  – May 14

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Fabric softener sheets – for more than just to toss in your dryer

Clean Dust from Electronics Screens

Your television and computer screens are notorious collectors of dust. Their static electricity attracts dust like a magnet. Fabric softer sheets not only remove dust, they prevent static build-up.

Gently wipe down your television and computer screens with a fresh sheet and see a clearer, sharper image.

Clean Baseboards

Your home’s baseboards are often overlooked when cleaning, yet they collect dust and dirt as fast as your floors. Keep them looking shiny and bright by wiping down with fresh fabric softener sheets regularly.

Using scented sheets also provides an added benefit, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Remove Soap Scum on Shower Doors

Most of us don’t always have the time or will to wipe down our shower doors after a shower. Consequently we get soap scum build-up.

Breakup that soap scum easily and quickly with a fresh fabric softener sheet, then rinse and wipe down your shower doors -more bright shiny sparkle to your home.

Insect Repellent

After a hard day of cleaning you are ready to settle down with your favorite calming beverage (mine is a glass of red wine). It’s a beautiful summer night and you go out to sit under the stars only to be bombarded by nasty biting bugs.

Repel those bugs with a fresh fabric softener sheet. Wipe a bit on exposed skin and tuck the sheet under your collar to send those bugs packing.

Have you used fabric softener sheets for anything other than in the dryer? Please share your experience.

What do you do with a used fabric softener sheet? Any suggestions?