The Happy Childhood Memories – Those are the ones to remember.

Beautiful blond woman in a frilly silken robe sitting by an open window, pink flower on the sill
Image of a young woman sitting at her window deep in thought – compliments of Pinterest

I feel the cool damp air, gently caressed by the warmth of the rising sun. I smell the sweet fragrance and freshness of morning. A new day is dawning and I remember.

I remember you lying there so still, your fading breath shallow and soft. “It will be soon,” the nurse had said. I held your hand and could not speak, then you were gone.

I want to remember happier times.

Sitting on your lap while you blew warm smoke in an aching ear. Was it the smoke or your gentle touch that made it better?

The proud smile on your face as our school band marched past. I marched taller and played louder for you.

Was that a tear in your eye as I walked away to my new home on the college campus?

Many years have passed. Faded memories, the memories of happier times, those are the ones I want to remember.

Posted in response to Rakshali Gupta’s Picture Prompt Plate #1. Visit Rakshali to find the rules and read how others have interpreted this beautiful picture.