March 21 – World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is celebrated every year on March 21, celebrating a linguistic expression that people from all cultures can identify with. Poetry can be found in the history of every nation, and brings us together under shared values and common humanity. The most basic of poems have the power to stir dialogue. 

from National Today website
Photo by Ena Marinkovic on
Ocean waves lap the shore
Gentle breezes waft the air
Gulls flutter overhead, dancing
Intoxicating aromas of salt air

Wind whispers through the trees
Rustles falling leaves
Songbirds sing sweet melody
Musky dampness of forest floor

Rain pummels the roof
Distant thunder rumbles
Lightening cracks the sky 
Petrichor fills the air

Nature sings sweet music
Stimulates the senses
Meditates the mind

I wrote this for a post in November 2022; it is the closest writing I found of mine to poetry.

Enjoy the day – Read, Write of Listen to some poetry today.