Can There Be Security When You Are Alone?

blond haired boy in a white polo shirt sobbing, tears from his eyes run down his cheeks
A young boy, crying

A young child stands at the window, sobbing, tears of grief fill his eyes.

He watches the car drive away. “Come back,” he screams!

He doesn’t know why they have left.

Elise looks in from time to time, but knows there is no consoling the child. So she returns to her work.

The child feels no solice from the worn blanket he holds.

As night wears on, the house seems so big and dark. In its emptiness, every sound echos throughout.

Frightened and tired the child drops to the floor, sobs still escaping with each breath.

Elise comes again to the room. “Well, little one, come dry your eyes. Your Mommy and Daddy will be here any minute.”

He sees the car’s lights as it turns down the lane.

The young child’s world is secure again.

A story for Sue and gc’s Weekend Prompt – Security (02/12/2022)