I Found My Best Friend On A Road Trip

April 3, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a dog in the desert. Why is the dog there? Who else is involved? Is there a deeper metaphor you can make of the desert? Go where the prompt leads!

Six years since me and JimBo, aka Jimmy Bogart Humphrey, traveled ‘cross country. Through Ohio, Kansas, down to Texas. Through the Mojave Desert, Nevada, where roadkill dotted the sand and dogs roamed wild.

“Hey, Mick, there’s a wild one ahead. Slow down, I’ll git a picture.”

“He don’t look wild,” I slowed.

“Got my picture, let’s go.”

I kept seeing that mutt.

“Hey, JimBo, I’m goin’ back.”

“Are you crazy, man? Them desert dogs is mean!”

“Nay, didn’t look mean.”

Still there, the dog eagerly jumped in.

Me and Dog settled in Nevada. Jimbo? He’s back east, got married.

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