What’s for dinner? Salmon.

classic-roasted-salmon-3e52c492This is the question of the day in our house; and the answer is the same, “I don’t care.” This leaves it to me to decide. I am tired of it!

I am a fair-to-good cook and like to try new things, sometimes. The result does not usually come out as good as expected. Generally I like simple and quick; I can do that with pretty good success. I have tried the pre-made dinners from the local grocer, not good. Take-out is almost always boring pizza or chinese. Restaurant meals are not sustainable on a retiree’s budget.

Home delivered meal programs offering big discounts on trial peaked my interest. I signed up! Our first order from Hello Fresh came this week with Cherry Balsamic Pork, French Onion Burgers, and Classic Roasted Salmon.

We chose salmon for our first meal.

Classic Roasted Salmon, Crispy Potato Rounds and Dilled Vegetables
prepared in 40 minutes or less and
only 560 calories per serving.

serving salmon

This ticked all the boxes – quick, easy, and healthy.  Yes, it was plentiful and very good too!

I must admit to taking the liberty of jazzing up the dish a bit with a quick sauce of olive oil, soy sauce, brown sugar and a bit of water. I baked the salmon in the sauce, then drizzled some sauce over the veggies on the plate. Yummy!

The jury is still out on cost. At $10 per serving  on average without discounts it is not a bad deal. We will see how the next two meals come together.

Tonight we are having Burgers!


Note: all images were saved and used from HelloFresh.com

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