Only For the Birds

Maybe it is my choice in birdseed, but my feeders always seem to be a magnet for squirrels and chipmunks. The little devils are cute and it is quite entertaining to watch their contortions getting to the feeder and extracting the feed. but… birdseed is only for the birds.

Looking thru (I love pinterest. it is potentially better than google .)  I found a solution…ammonia. It does come with some precautions –don’t spray the ground to close to the feeder, spray far enough away (4 to 5 feet) so as to not get in or on any ground seed; also, it will kill plants and flowers. Animals are repeled by the smell, but birds are uneffected.

I had two problems, I couldn’t spray far enough from the feeder without killing plants or flowers and I didn’t have any anmonia. I did have window cleaner with amnonia. I put my minds creative juices to work, soaked a cloth in window cleaner, tied it around a hanging basket and hung it next to the feeder. It is not very pretty, but, three days, no squirrels, no chipmunks and Birds, Birds, Birds!

Sorry, no pictures, they are camera shy.

2 thoughts on “Only For the Birds

  1. The squirrels never bothered with my feeders. My problem was mice! The birds dropped so much seed on the ground my yard became over run with mice! We trapped over 30 in the yard! (live trap and release) I’m not allowed to fee the birds anymore! But, I still have lots visit my yard!


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