Spring in the Carolinas

It’s spring now in the Carolinas. Cool nights and warm sunny days. Most of the time, I am happy to be safe at home. I sit in the sunroom (we call it a Carolina room) and watch the sun come up and everything come alive. The birds come out, people go by for their morning walk, and then the golfers come. One to a cart now, maintaining social distancing; it should be a very busy time, we are a tourist town. But we have no visitors. Hotels and restaurants, all entertainment venues are shutter. It’s quiet here.

One day, as I sat and watched two birds – Carolina wrens, I believe – build a nest in my patio fern. Very neatly and working together they constructed a haven to hatch their young. Then the went away.

Look closely at the bottom of the plant and you can see the entrance to the nest.

Then one day they came back. She went into the nest and stayed. She laid her eggs while the male sat guard on the back of the patio chair. When she came out, they flew off. It’s been about a week now and she keeps coming back. I have a perfect vantage point as the fern sits right outside our patio door; I can open the door and will be able to hear any sounds from the young, I hope.

Simple pleasures for these unusual times.

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