Down Home Bread & Butter Pickles

Growing up on a farm, we had lots of freah vegetables from our huge garden and not much went to waste. Our parents, after all, were raised during the Depression. Mom could make something out of nothing it seemed and oh could she stretch a dollar!

In the garden, we had plenty of peas, tomatoes, beans, onions, corn, carrots, and cucumbers. You get the picture – the staples. We learned how to can, freeze and cook. It was meat, potatoes, vegetable and bread for dinner every night. Of course, there was always dessert or something sweet.

Friday night was the night for grocery shopping. And we always got a special treat to have when we got home. Dessert – Spanish Bar Cake (Dad’s favorite). A bar of richly spiced cake with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and raisins topped with a creamy white frosting. I can still remember the taste, texture and deliciousness.

While chatting with my aunt this week she was lamenting on all rhe cucumber plants she has started. One thing led to another and I remembered I had gotten several in my produce box this week. I needed to use them. Mom, until a few years ago, would make a jar of bread and butter pickles for the frig., so I decided to give it  a try. I found a recipe, checked the ingredients (surprise, I had everything) and went to work.

Taste test on the bottled result seems promising. In a few more days I will open them up for the real test.

I hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane. My dad has long passed. Mom is still alive at 92 but has dementia so its nice sometimes to share the memories. Thank you.

For the recipe I used go to:

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