A Story – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 -Desolate

  • Desolate: Uninhabited or giving the impression of bleak emptiness

The past year had been hard for Elizabeth. First the diagnosis, it was so sudden. He showed no signs, but it was conclusive. No treatment, no cure, he had only a few months to live.  His death came quickly.

Elizabeth’s life seemed desolate. Reeling with emptiness and devastating emotions she was trying desparately to accept what had happened. Then the second blow came to shatter her life. The company she had worked for the past 26 years was closing.

Elizabeth’s two children were grown and had families and busy lives of their own. James was her soulmate, her best friend. Her life seemed empty, she felt abandoned. They had such big plans for when they retired. Was she financially secure enough to retire? But then what would she do?

Tune in next week when we discover what lies ahead for Elizabeth with Sue and GC’s Weekend Word Challenge.


4 thoughts on “A Story – Chapter 1

  1. I know this story well and I look forward to see ing how Elizabth copes with the next stage of her journey. Thank you for sharing and taking part in our challenge. 🙂


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