Bird Watching – a fun video

Carolina Wrens feeding their young

For the past several weeks we have watch these two parents build a home and make a family.

These birds are the Carolina Wren, the state bird of South Carolina where they live year round. They mate for life only finding a new mate when one dies.

Typically they build their nests in holes of trees, fence posts or leaves of houses or barns. They will, however, build them in unusual places. Friends tell me ferns are a popular nesting habitat; and this one apparently was ideal; it is tucked away in the back corner of our patio. It isn’t very convenient for us, however.

Both male and female build the nest, they may build several; then the female chooses which one she will use. She will lay 3 or 4 eggs that take 14 to 16 days to hatch. Approximately 4 weeks later they will leave the nest.

They have been feeding the young for about a week now; so we have some time before we are able to enjoy our patio. We have enjoyed watching these little folks; it has been a small price to pay for the hours of entertainment.

We have many beautiful birds in our yard and love watching and learning. Are you a bird watcher? Do you have a favorite?

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