Razzmatazz – Word Challenge 2May2020

Chapter 2 – A New  Beginning

Cruisin’ on the Razz Ma Tazz
Winter came early that year. Days were gray and cold, nights were long. Snow was relentless. Nothing could keep the dull ache and lonelines away. Elizabeth and James had, for years, vacationed during Thanksgiving. They loved going to the warm sunny islands of the Caribbean and lounging poolside with a good book or cruising the seas in luxury to visit exciting ports of call. It was their special time. This year was different; she was alone. Christmas brought a houseful of activity as her girls had come with their families. There was laughter and tears as they shared memories of years past. They awoke Christmas morning to bright sunshine that bounced off the new-fallen snow and created a beautiful vision like the razzle-dazzle of diamonds. It was the happiest Elizabeth had been in months. As the year ended and a new year was beginning, Elizabeth resolved to rebuild her life. First thing she needed to do was get away, get out of the cold and snow, go someplace warm and exciting, someplace she had never been. She needed some excitement, some Razzmatazz. She started looking. Then one day as she was looking through a cruise vacations magazine she found it – a World Tour on the  luxury liner, Razz Ma Tazz! Visit Sue and GC’s Weekend Word Challenge. If you haven’t read Chapter 1, see my post of Desolate. stock photo image of Norwegian Cruise Lines ship Norwegian Sun

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