Tremor Tuesday – Triggers

After all these years, little is known about Essential Tremors (ET). Maybe because everyone is different. One person may be affected one way and someone else differently or not at all.

The brain is a complicated mechanism.

Some of the triggers that have been identified are caffeine, smoking, age, stress and anxiety, exhaustion, and some medicines.

Caffeine – I love my cup of coffee, black and hot, when I get up. You could even say I Need it. Two cups though and I am finished with caffeine for the day. Soda pop, I don’t drink it. Tea, I will do herbal teas occasionally or an iced tea if it is real, none of this powdered instant stuff.

Smoking – never touch the stuff. I reformed at 24 and never looked back.

Age – Yes, for most people. I have had tremors for 25+ years and age has certainly been a factor. It is the reason I retired. I had a great job that required me to use a computer a lot. Typing was difficult and my mouse, well, he jetted all over the place.

I feel badly for young children and young adults who have been diagnosed. They will, most likely have some real challenges facing them for the rest of their lives because there is one fact about ET, at this point anyway, it will never go away. Tremors are treatable but there is no cure.

Stress & Anxiety – If you have ever had to do any public speaking, imagine how embarrassing it might be when you stand in front of a crowd, you can’t hold the paper, your voice cracks, things some people go through normally; then multiply those effect 100 times over. Thus, another reason I retired.

Something as basic as being introduced or seeing an old friend. One year at Christmas we were at my husband’s brother’s house. His nephew and girl friend were there and I went over to say hello with a glass of red wine in my hands (yes both). He reached out to give me a hug, with glass in one hand it started shaking and the red wine spilled out onto the cream colored carpet, chair, and nephew. My sister-in-law didn’t really care for me before that happened, I’m sure she remembers.

Exhaustion / Fatigue – Something as basic as not getting enough sleep can trigger tremors. Exercise is encouraged but is problematic. I love to play golf and I always walked. If you play you know that can be 4 or more hours and several miles to complete an 18-hole round. These days, I tend to only play 9 holes and ride in a cart; it is just more fun and that’s why I play.

I hope this has given you some insight into life with ET. It is important for me to look at things with a positive attitude, count my blessings, and appreciate all the great support I get. My challenges are small compared to others.

We are going through some troubling times; please, be compassionate, understanding and accepting of all.

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