Why Garden?

 I plant flowers
To sooth my heart.
When a flower blooms
Then nature has
Done her part.

The Mandevilla is a tropical vine with trumpet shaped flowers from vibrant reds to this dreamy pink rose. Sunshine, water and feeding required.

I am a bit like this Madevilla. Sunshine, water and feeding required. Pink is my color and I guess I get dreamy at times. But I have never been dainty and delicate like this velvety flower.

This is a new plant for me this year, planted as a bare root. So far it has done well with minimal care. I am hoping to see it climb and cover this fence with blossoms for hummingbirds and butterflies.

4 thoughts on “Why Garden?

  1. Such a beautiful flower. Each year we planted the variety that isn’t a vine. It was one of my husband’s favourite flowers. I have both this year. It’s the first year I have planted the vine. It looks like it may flower soon! You are right, it is rather dreamy!

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