Why Classic, Not Block?


I am befuddled. Why does there seem to be reluctance to switch to the block editor?

A few years ago I tried blogging. But for whatever reasons I gave it up. Probably time, work, lack of commitment.

When I came back WP was in transition. The difficulties I had were device related. My mobile had classic and my computer used block. They didn’t render well together.

Now that I have block on all, I much prefer block. So, I ask, Why Classic, Not Block?

12 thoughts on “Why Classic, Not Block?

  1. For me, the Classic editor was just cleaner, less fuss, and I could manipulate large chunks of text without having to get muddled with the separate blocks and their getting in the way of quick cuts and splices.

    Also, the photo captions in the Block editor don’t show up smaller, which screws up the page design. I still use Block though, and only fire up the Classic block when I need to insert photos.

    I love your site, btw. It’s so pleasant and clean.

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    1. Thank you, Stuart. I appreciate you sharing. I agree on captions and think there is too much space between the picture and caption.. If you have style sheets maybe you could create one for captions.


    2. I agree, Stuart.
      I’m a retired IT manager/teacher and have used a version of blocks before, so for me using the WP version was straight forward, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.
      The editor has a number of issues that the WordPress developers are still working on. So I question why it was released before they were fixed.
      It’s very slow to load up and not very stable.
      I don’t see the purpose of Blocks, it hasn’t added any value, and definitely not for most bloggers where a more user-friendly editor is required. The majority need a simple word processor where a whole page can be written and edited in one go, instead of editing each paragraph separately.

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      1. Hi Sue!
        Sometimes you have to wonder if they have done any user testing. Companies get over-anxious to rollout new “improvements.”
        I remember how difficult it was going to Windows when that first came out. I didn’t like it at all, but it’s long ago and I’ve forgotten what it was like before.
        If I am going to write a long post (long for me is 300 words) I have been successful using MS Works word processor. But I hunt and peck and stumble because of my tremors I can’t pound the keys quickly. I’ve learned to adapt.

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      2. You have stirred a forgotten memory – I can also remember going from DOS to Windows instead of a keyboard with arrows, and then being given a Mouse to use!
        And computers constantly crashing, eventually you learn that computers have a mind of their own!

        I am so sorry to hear about the tremors, forgive me for asking but do you have a way of recording your voice, via a phone of tablet, so that all you need do is just edit the words that have been misunderstood. It could be less of a trial for you.

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      3. No problem, Sue. I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t usually know what I want to write until I’ve written stuff. Then to edit would be difficult because my mouse has a mind of its own. lol. I had a brain stimulator implant and my neurologist and I are working to get it set right – takes time.


      4. Omg the ‘editing each paragraph separately’ just kills me. I know, it’s not the end of the world, but as someone who primarily deals with text and has no problem on even the most basic editors like Notepad, I really end up wanting to stab someone every time I try to Shift+select something and it won’t let me.

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      5. I’ve begun to use the Classic block for text, simply because I can edit in one go. Then I convert to blocks because I like the way images look!
        I’ve not been able to drag the text around in the Classic block so that’s a nuisance, and that’s where the default block has an advantage. Eventually, I’ll find which one I prefer. If I’ve missed anything with text editing and I come across an easier way, I’ll come back and let you know. 🙂

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