Our Non-Precocious Pet

Public domain images

She came to us by accident at the age of 11 or so. Her precocious puppy days were past. All she wanted was a happy home and to be loved.

We weren’t looking for a pet. We had busy, social lives, not very compatible with a needy pet. She accepted us and didn’t ask for more. We loved her.

She claimed a place on the sofa. It was her spot. She came to our parties. Curled up in her spot, she slept, not needing attention or adulation from our guests.

She woke us up one night wanting to go out. She stumbled down the steps, laid down on the patio and died. We had loved her for 7 years. We would like to think she loved us too. It still brings tears to my eyes.

She was Buffy, the wonder dog.

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