Punching The Air – a book review


I’m sure you all know

the rule of law—-

Innocent until proven guilty

But with us, it’s

guilty until proven innocent.

Amal Shahid is a 16 year old black Muslim boy. He is an artist and a poet. But, one night he makes a mistake; and he is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

The crime, “We were in the wrong place, We were in the wrong skin.”

His mistake, “I threw the first punch.”

This is a deeply moving story told in verse. It is a story we are hearing in real life all too often. While it is short, it is beautifully written and should be read slowly to savor the depth and feelings of the writings.

It tells a story of how a person’s energies were channeled toward creativity and productivity to overcome adversity and injustice. An important lesson, especially aimed toward young adults.

It will be a book that I read again and again.

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