America – Fractured or Broken?

America has been a work-in-progress since 1776. Let’s discuss two major issues confronting America today. They aren’t new, Trump didn’t create them; he did brazenly bring them to the forefront.

Slavery, or racism as we call it today, is real.

It feeds “white privilege” and “white supremacy” like a cancerous tumor. The privileged white (Trump’s suburban housewives) and white supremacists (Trump’s gun-toting militia) now feel emboldened and opening flaunt their disdain for blacks, even all non-whites.

Trump awakened a sick, diseased tiger. Americans now proudly hang their dirty laundry out for all to see. They bowed to their savior, Trump. They voted to give him more power.

The wealth in America is only held by the top 1%.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The middle class is slipping away. Healthcare is expensive; education unaffordable; more people live in poverty than ever before. Americans elect representatives to address these issues. Those representatives are responsible for making laws and providing for the good of the people. They have failed in their responsibilities! Their pockets bulge with riches acquired to benefit themselves and their political interests. The people re-elect them.

Trump promised to provide for the poor, the rural farmer, the factory workers, the unemployed. He lied. He laughed at them, he mocked them, and he failed them while padding his pockets and those of his family with more wealth. He promised the people he could do it, give him another chance. They were desperate. They trusted him and voted for his re-election.

So, what happens now?

When the results of the election are finalized, half of America will look forward with optimism and half with despair. America will still be fractured.

Is there a path to creating the America that our forefathers envisioned? It won’t happen in my lifetime but I hope there is a glimmer of light somewhere in the future for the children of today and those yet to come. Hopefully America is only fractured and not broken.

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