Hope for 2021

Word of the Day Challenge – HOPE

As I think back on 2020 and look forward to 2021 there is hope for what’s ahead.

We will travel again!

Just as the Corona virus was arriving in the States, Bud and I left for a vacation to check off a bucket list item – to see the Grand Canyon. At the time we had no idea the seriousness or magnitude of the virus.

We traveled and explored freely throughout Arizona, visited cousins that I hadn’t seen in 50 years, and toasted ourselves with Corona beers (we were intent on bolstering their tanking bottom line).

It was an awesome trip, highlighted by first-class air travel, a day trip through desert and mountains to the Grand Canyon, and a major league baseball game to see Bud’s favorite player.

The Grand Canyon cannot be described in words or pictures. It must be seen!

My hope for 2021 is to travel again and to some day go back to the Grand Canyon and watch the sunset over the Canyon. Arizona sunsets are spectacular.

The US will have a new President.

On January 20, 2021 Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence will no longer occupy the White House. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will. While I am not overly enthusiastic of Joe Biden as President, I have hope. Adamantly opposed to Trump, almost any change offers hope from the worst President in US history.

The vacine will crush COVID.

I eagerly and anxiously await my turn for the vacine. Being classified (ugly term) 1B, it should be soon. January 20th there will be a new Administration with a decisive plan to fight the virus and administer the vacine, crushing COVID – this is my hope.

The Year 2020 will be remembered. I look forward to 2021 – Health, Happiness and Love to all!

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