Oh Those Emerald Eyes

A cold, blustery wind was blowing on the hill. Professor Dickens was to speak and he must not be missed. A few stood in the hall as the door opened. Slowly people trickled in.

She unwrapped her scarf, threw off her coat and hat, and shook out her hair. It wasn’t the flaxen sheen of her hair or her milky white skin that gripped his gaze. Beautiful, sparkling, and seductive, her eyes glistened like emeralds in an icy stream.

About Hazel and Green Eyes

When I started to write for the Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge-Greenery I did not expect to find much interesting about hazel eyes. It was an eye-opening experience (sorry, had to say it). I hope you find it interesting as well.

I have hazel eyes. Not to brag, but, many times people have commented on my beautiful eyes. Those of us who have hazel eyes are unique. Throughout the world only about 5% of people have hazel eyes. Green eyes are a bit rarer at 2%. Brown eyes are the most prevalent at 70-79%. Blue eyes are also quite rare at 8-10%. Other colors, such as amber, grey, red/violet, make up the balance.

Aren’t hazel eyes green? Not entirely – Green eyes typically are a single hue throughout. Hazel eyes are multi-faceted with a shade of green and bursts of gold and brown.

Eye color is determined by many genes and is reflected in the amount of the pigment melanin in the iris. Brown eyes have the most, lighter colors (green, hazel, blue) have less Scientists believe that once upon a time everyone had brown eyes. Dominant eye colors differ in various regions of the globe. It is believe to be influenced by sunlight.

Research suggests that certain personality traits are associated to eye color. People with hazel eyes may be imaginative, adventurous, and determined. People with green may be self-sufficient, impatient, and mysterious.

Research has been proven to show that eye color also influences susceptibility to cancer, diabetes, alcoholism, eye diseases, and pain tolerance. Because brown eyes have the most melanin they are less susceptible to sun damage but more prone to cataracts. Other eye colors seem to be more prone to cancer and macular degeneration.

Perhaps it is because of my eyes, but my favorite color has always been green and my most precious stone is emerald – the stone in my engagement ring.

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