Finishing Touches- Plantings of 2021

In August 2020 we contracted to refresh the landscape of our 30 year old house. Little did we know this small suburban yard would take many months to complete.

Today I planted the finishing touches to our walkway border with the following plants.

Dwarf Coreopolis (Nana) is a mounding perennial that will provide lovely blooms spring, summer and fall. Clump-forming and very weather tolerant plants with bright yellow-orange daisy-like flowers, they are perfect for borders or rock garden ground cover.

Salvia (Spring King Mini) is a very compact addition suitable for any border. Spikes of intense violet blue flowers top bright green foliage. This is a deciduous perennial that flowers spring and summer.

When well established these two plants will complement each other along the walkway, as well as the other landscaping.

Cee’s FOTD Mar 24

2 thoughts on “Finishing Touches- Plantings of 2021

  1. I like the contrast of vertical sage and the daisy shape of the coreopsis. Hope it blooms as long as you expect. All my varieties of coreopsis have a much shorter bloom time, even if I keep them deadheaded. Happy growing.

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