Four for Friday  – April 16

This week on Four for Friday, I have some random tips and hacks for you.

Butter Wrappers

My Mom was very frugal. She would scrape every last bit of butter (she used margarine) off the wrapper before tossing it away. Me, I just dump the stick of butter and toss the wrapper. But wait — save it and use it to grease cake pans or any non-stick pan or cookware. You will no longer have the greasy cooking spray on your counter or sink. If you bake bread, use a wrapper to grease the tops of your fresh baked bread.

To save, simply fold the wrapper in quarters and place in the butter box, and take one out when you need it.

Dryer Lint

Did you know 34% of home dryer fires are caused from lint build-up? Most can be avoided by cleaning the filter after each cycle. So what can you do with all that lint? Collect it in a jar and use to: (1) start a camp fire, (2) line a flower pot, or (3) toss it in your compost pile.

(1) Dryer lint is flammable. To start your camp or firepit fire, stuff dryer lint in a toilet paper roll and light it .

(2) Much like the coffee filter idea I proposed last week, use dryer lint in the bottom of your flower pot. It helps prevent dirt from escaping and retains moisture for the plant.

(3) Dryer lint is from the cotton or wool fibers in your clothes, towels, bedding, etc. and will compost quickly in your compost pile.

Epsom Salts

Many plants benefit from adding nitrogen to the soil, especially tomatoes, peppers, azaleas, rhododendra and hydrangrea. Epsom salts is an excellent, inexpensive source. Plant tomatoes and peppers by putting 2-3 tablespoons of epsom salts in the hole before planting. You will have healthier, sweeter fruit. Add epsom salts when watering container plants for healthier for plants as well.

Flour and Tomato Plants

Many times advice comes to us from years past. In reading a book, 1,112 Down-to-Earth Garden Secrets, 1998, I found this bit of advice. “When your tomatoes start blossoming, sprinkle flour on the blossoms to help them set…get more tomatoes.” I have not ever heard of this, I wonder how/if it works. Anyone willing to give it a try?

How would you use a “saved” butter wrapper? Do you clean the dryer filter after each cycle – start now?

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