Furniture Coverings – Love or Hate -A Thing of the Past?

Antimacassars – noun
a piece of cloth put over the back of a chair to protect it from grease and dirt or as an ornament.

Oxford Dictionary

I grew up in a time where antimacassars were a required item for any upholstered piece of furniture. In my grandmother’s house they were called doilies. She made them herself. Delicate looking but strong and protective they adorned the backs and arms of chairs and sofas.

In my mother’s house they were called towels. Store-bought, they covered the entire chair, sofa and loveseat – arms, back and seat. Purely protective on the minute chance you might bring dirt or crumbs into the room, nothing was going to soil the furniture. You see, no food or drink was permitted outside the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand. Both my grandparents and parents worked hard for their money. They were not rich and when they bought something, they bought it to last. It was taken care of.

It is now a time of disposable furniture. There is no need for antimacassars, towels or other furniture coverings because, no matter how much you spend or how well you take care of a piece of furniture, it won’t last.

So, unless you enjoy crocheting, store your towels in the closet and enjoy that couch or chair as long as it lasts.

Thank you, Ragtag Daily PromptRDP, for this opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane.

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