FOTD – Hosta – Love Them in My Garden 28 May

light green and white edged varigated hosta and black bark mulch
She’s a beauty
Transplant from our previous home
small light green hosta on brown bark mulch and a side of pale green sedum
Slow to develop

When we redid our landscaping I was confronted with a good sized shady space to fill and decided to started with hosta, ferns and astilbe.

I ordered bargain bags from Michigan Bulb and planted them early fall, not giving them much time to get a start. So, when only a couple appeared this spring I wasn’t surprised. Disappointed, yes.

Over the past couple of months the hosta have been springing up almost overnight. There are 15 at last count – not bad! Maybe I will see some ferns and astilbe soon too.

I hope you enjoy seeing these beauties. If you want to see more, visit my Instagram site.

CeeCee’s FOTD – Feb 27

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