Behold The Beautiful Southern Hydrangea And Its Many Colors- FOTD

You might not expect to see big beautiful hydrangea here in the South. But, given the right growing conditions, the bushes produce big beautiful blooms and are very popular.

Hydrangea like a shady location. Quite often you will find them tucked under a big old oak tree. Some types grow very nicely with morning sun and afternoon shade, as mine do.

The color of a plant comes from the pH in the soil, Acidic soil contains high amounts of aluminum and produces pink blooms, while low acid soil produces blue. Apparently one area of my garden has a low acid content. I could add some aluminum sulfate, but I rather enjoy the multi-colored landscape.

These plants were fairly new and had been planted by the previous owner. They appear to be a dwarf variety or are very slow growing. Pruning has not been needed.

Gardening here has been an exciting and challenging learning experience. It is much different in many ways from what I learned living in Upstate New York. There are so many wonderful new plants available to me.

I hope you enjoy my amateur photos as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Until next time – Be Well!

Please let me know if you cannot see the pictures in this Instagram Story. I am a blogger in training.

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