A New Day, A New Life

Grace stands at the window gazing down the lake, so peaceful and calm. The quiet envelopes her and she thinks about her past. What does the future bring? Only she can decide. She moves to her desk and writes.

My Dear Family,

By the time you read this, I will be gone to a happier place where any demands on me or my time are of my choosing, where life is simpler and not dominated by someone else’s needs or wants.

Richard – you have been a steadfast provider with a worthwhile, fulfilling career. You have provided a beautiful home, bright, beautiful children with promising futures. I have supported you as a dutiful wife, caring for the home, entertaining your colleagues and friends, and raising the children. I have loved you.

Alicia – You are smart, beautiful; and I love you. I hope I have been successful in raising you to be independent and to think of yourself as such. I regret that I have not set a better example. Be selective in choosing a soul mate, you deserve someone who appreciates and supports you and your choices. I hope you will be fulfilled, loved and truly happy.

Jason – You are smart and beautiful in a joyful way; I love you. My wish for you is that you find a soul mate who is strong and independent and truly loves you. Love her deeply by appreciating and supporting her life choices. Women need more than money can buy. I hope you will be fulfilled, loved and truly happy and you will do the same for her.

My entire life has been spent trying to please someone other than myself. It is time for me to take control and do what makes me happy and fulfilled. Don’t try to find me, I am going in hopes of finding myself.

Be happy for me!

Posted for Six Word Saturday June 12,

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