What Do Batman and a 4-Year Old Have in Common? – Confidence

I read a post this past week from a fellow blogger whose confidence level had been deflated by a derogatory comment left on one of her blog posts. I felt bad for her as did many others. Hopefully, from the many kind and encouraging words from her blogger friends, she has her confidence restored and is back writing.

This inspired my Monday Motivation message for this week.

a block of white text on a maroon background, the words follow in the post text
Whatever you
must do today...
do it with the
confidence of a
4-year of in a
Batman cape.

If you are feeling a lack of confidence today, check out these 20 Inspiring Quotes to Boost Your Confidence (as a Writer) from Mary Jaksch on Write to Done. Then grab your cape and get to work!

Do you ever feel uninspired to write? and feel you aren’t good enough? What boosts your confidence and motivates you to carry-on – in anything, not just writing? For me, one thing is kind words, encouraging words.

I look forward to your comments. Have a great, productive week, and remember to Be Kind.

Visit Mary Jaksch at writetodone.com for loads of writing information and tips.

2 thoughts on “What Do Batman and a 4-Year Old Have in Common? – Confidence

  1. People in the online world can be so nasty! I try to remind myself that, as long as I’m happy with my work, no-one else matters. There are so many lovely people in the blogging community. It’s amazing how one troll can take away from that. It’s true what they say about one bad apple!

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