Now, Let’s Save the Planet one change at a time

The word on the streets of Canada is that today starts Plastic Free July. I don’t believe we Americans dedicate a month to this cause, a day perhaps but I am not aware of that either. We can join the movement however.

Michelle, Boomer Eco Crusader, wrote an inspiring post and gives us 31 Ways You Can Join The Plastic Free Movement.

I invite one and all to take part in Plastic Free July. As Michelle says, whether you “do 1, 2 or all 31,” of her ideas, give Plastic Free a go. Maybe you already have an idea or two of your own.

Over the years I have tried to make changes to my lifestyle and many habits that affect the climate and ecosystem. They have been small changes but changes for the better nonetheless.

Let me introduce you to my most recent change!

a picture of the earth breeze package blue and white lettering with a black background

Perhaps you have seen these advertised on social media, I did but was skeptical. So many of the ads you see on social media are false advertising – just a way to get your money; they may send you merchandise and they may not. After I talked to an actual person (and got a further discount) I decided to give them a try. What I have found after using them for a month:


NO ALLERGIES: In the past I have had to stay with a pricey name-brand detergent as others cause an allergic reaction. I ordered the fragrance free and can happily report that I have had no adverse reaction from these sheets

THEY DISAPPEAR: Similar to the dryer sheets that you thrown in the dryer, these sheets get tossed in the washer. BUT… THEY ARE BETTER! THEY COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR. Made of reconstituted laundry detergent the sheet is restored to a liquid when mixed with water. They work beautifully in my high efficiency (HE) washing machine as well.

PRE-MEASURED: One 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ sheet does a full load of laundry. There is no need for a measuring cap or cup. No more guesswork on how much detergent to put in the wash. For a normal load, just toss in one sheet. For a small load, cut a sheet in half or use two sheets for an extra large load.

ZERO WASTE: There is nothing left for the trash can. The packaging is even totally recyclable.


HIGHER PRICED: In a cost comparison I found the sheets to be a few pennies higher per load than the name-brand detergent I had been using. While I love a bargain, I am willing to pay a few pennies more per load for the convenience and the environment.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: In order to get the big discount (40%), you need to subscribe to their service and receive automatic shipments. You select deliveries for 1,2, 3 or more months with automatic billing. Cancel anytime, which I have not tried. Buy a one-time order and pay full price.

I am not necessarily endorsing this particular brand, but rather the concept and benefits to our eco system. There are other brands on the market. This is the brand I chose, maybe because of the helpful customer service person and the temporary additional discount. I encourage you to give laundry detergent sheets a try.

If you have used laundry detergent sheets, I would love to hear your comments – good or bad, And don’t forget to drop on over to see Michelle, she is a true Eco Crusader.

4 thoughts on “Now, Let’s Save the Planet one change at a time

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post Judy! I wish we Canadians could take credit for Plastic Free July but it was actually started in Australia and has turned into a global movement.
    I have seen these kinds of laundry detergent sheets. Theres a company called Tru Earth that makes them. Definitely a much better solution than single-use plastic jugs. I refill my laundry detergent jugs at a local bulk soap supply store.

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