Is He Dead or Alive? What’s Next for Carrie? – Carrie’s Mission Part 1

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The cottage was cozy and warm, the porch perfect for unwinding. A wine and cheese gift basket welcomed her. Exhausted, Carrie was glad to be in her homeaway home. She understood her mission, knew her target, nothing left to be done tonight.

Grabbing a glass and the wine, she retired to the porch. Lights flickered across the water but not his. Had he arrived? Lulled by the quiet and warmed by the wine, Carrie fell asleep.

BANG! flashes of light shattered Carrie’s sleep. Across the water his house was ablaze. She has to know, “Is he dead or alive?”

A 99-word story for September 30 Flash Fiction Challenge by Carrot Ranch.

12 thoughts on “Is He Dead or Alive? What’s Next for Carrie? – Carrie’s Mission Part 1

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  2. I’m curious to know what happens next and what Carrie’s mission was. Was she assigned to protect the mystery guy or did some other unnamed person finish the job she was sent to perform and now she’s next on the list. We need answers! 🙂

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