Now She Knows, Or Does She? Carrie’s Mission: Part 2

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From a cottage high on the hillside, Richard had watched the blaze. Beautiful crimsons, golds and blues, popping and crackling – a work of art, his art.

It had been easy – a propane tank stored in the garage. People just don’t listen.

It had taken some time for the trucks to arrive. The house was fully engulfed, now just a smoldering ruins.

Carrie’s lights had gone out hours ago. Confident she was asleep, he dialed the phone.

A light came on. “Hello.”

A voice, gravely and deep, a whisper, she heard, “He’s alive.”

He left without turning out the lights.

If you missed Part 1 of Carrie’s Mission, you can READ IT HERE.

Carrie’s Mission is evolving based on 99 word prompts and weekend writing challenges from Carrot Ranch. Part 2 uses the October 7: Flash Fiction Challenge word Whispers and the Weekend Writing Challenge word Hillside.

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