Saying Good-bye and Starting Over

Sunrise over the Bahamas

With each new sunrise comes a new day. It is time to leave 2021 behind and today is my day.

Life is slowly returning to normal now in 2022; the ending of 2021 was long and difficult. My last (next to last) post of 2021 I reported on the wonderful birthday celebration my siblings and I shared with our Mom. Shortly after that she had a fall and broke her hip. At 94 the possibility of recovery is not favorable.

After surgery and time in a rehab/nursing facility, Mom went back into the hospital. The surgery had not been successful. The recourse was either back to the nursing home or to go back home with my brother and his family. It was the first week in December.

Dave (aka Bud) and I had booked a Caribbean cruise for that week. Do we go? Or, do we stay? We decided to go. While it was wonderful being away, Mom was always in our minds; I stayed in touch. Mom went back home with my brother and held on. When we got back I flew up to New York to see her and say good-bye. She died a week later on December 19th.

We put her to her final rest next to her husband (my father) on January 3rd, 2022. Two days after we buried Dad, 22 years earlier.

It was a sad ending to a long life. But she is happy now, pain free, and with family, friends and the man she loved.

Yesterday I read a post by Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader talking about Keeping Things in Focus. Her post inspired me to get up today and focus. This week, and going forward, my three things to focus are:

  • The present, not the past. Mom lived a long happy life and we had a very special relationship. She lives in my memories.
  • My health. With the stress from Mom’s health, the travel (I was in a plane, car, or on a ship, 20 of 30 days), and Covid, my blood pressure was up and my tremors had worsened. Time to get both under control.
  • My writing. I’ve missed writing and all my blogger friends, although I have tried to keep up reading the wonderful posts. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read my older posts and follow my blog while I was away.

Please drop by Michelle’s site, you won’t be disappointed!

7 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye and Starting Over

  1. Oh Judy. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. A broken hip at that age is hard to recover from—my grandmother was in her mid-90s when she broke her hip. I’m glad you had so many wonderful years with her and that you had a chance to say good-bye.
    Thanks very much for linking to my post and it warms my heart to hear that I inspired you! Good luck with your new areas of focus.

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  3. Daily focus is such a strong thing. In fact, I think it’s one of the ways to actually make more of our lives. Sorry to hear that about your mum, but also great on you for bringing your attention to the present. Wishing you all the best!

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