Dessert Anyone? It’s Apple Pie! – a 99-word story

Sally and Sammy live on Mr. Robert’s farm. They ride horses in the fields. Feed the chickens and pigs. And have a fort down by the creek where they swim and catch pollywogs.

Nearby is Mr. Marks’ farm, an apple orchard.

One fine fall day Sally and Sammy pick apples for the fort. They swim, catch polywogs, and eat apples.

Tired from their busy day, with full stomachs, they leave for home. By the time they get home their stomachs ache.

Mother, all cheery and excited, “Children, I have a surprise for you. We have apple pie for dessert.”

As everyone knows you cannot eat an infinite number of apples. Posted as a response to Carrot Ranch 99-word challenge in recognition of Pi Day, March14th.

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