When Dreams Aren’t Enough

princess kisses a frog
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

When 13-year old Isabel is betrothed to 34-year old Frederick, she dreams of an idyllic love affair.

Frederick, a wealthy English landowner, sees a prize possession; he will be richly rewarded.

Conceiving immediately Isabel endures a difficult pregnancy before giving birth to a girl. Disappointed, Frederick proclaims, “We will have another.”

Still deeply depressed, Isabel conceives quickly. After another difficult pregnancy and exhausting labor, a son is stillborn. Frederick blames Isabel for killing his son.

With a husband who has only contempt and daughter she cannot love, Isabel’s dreams die. Only pain and disappointment fill this mother’s loveless heart.

Posted in response to Carrot Ranch May 9th Prompt “A Mom Selfie”

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