A Monument to the Dead, A Monument for the Living

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We see them…

A Cross, flowers, pictures, mementos to mark the spot  
A school, grocery store, shopping center or by a roadside
A tragic accident, a senseless killing, a terrorist act
A life lost too soon.

We see them…

A reminder and feel a loved one’s pain
A family, a friend stops to grieve, missing a smiling face, a laugh
A thought, a prayer, a promise given, a hope to share
A life lost too soon.

We see them…

A reminder of a life lost too soon.
A Monument to the dead.
A Monument for the living.

A 99-word story for the May 30 Memorials Collection of the Carrot Ranch Literary Community.

6 thoughts on “A Monument to the Dead, A Monument for the Living

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  2. We are all consumed with our own concerns and walk cautiously on the treadmill of life often ignoring the deeply profound moments of life. Over time you notice that time is the master crafstman who robs us all of everything. Stretches of time allow us to get our lives and affairs in order. The slow pace of time is an illusion. Days quickly turn into weeks which turn into years without us noticing. Before you know it you are grieving for the past and regretting the opportunities you skilfully ignored. To quote Chaucer “life is a cheat and a disappointment”.

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  3. This was a very nice poem. You see these makeshift memorials a lot, frequently, like you said, off the side of the highway or at intersections and you don’t really stop to think about why they were put there or who put them there. You did a nice job of making them feel personal. And also a reminder that people should pay more attention to them.

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