Name That Book: Classic First Liners

old classic books with text of Tuesday Trivia The Classics
image of Classic Books in maroon, gold and black

Hello! It is Tuesday Trivia and we are playing “Name That Book” this week. Here is the first line, choose the title.

From the 1998 Book Cover, the New York Times called it “A cautionary tale, a story of resistance, and a work of impeccable world-building” and the Houston Chronicle wrote, “An excellent novel…Read it while it’s still allowed.”

I have been pondering this book for awhile – perhaps avoiding is a better word. Reading its description of a dystopian future of enslaved women, I fear that it is a bit too realIstic in America 2022. With that said, I am going in — It is next on my To Read Stack.

Did you get the correct title? I hope you are enjoying Tuesday Trivia. Please invite your friends to visit and play long as well.

6 thoughts on “Name That Book: Classic First Liners

  1. Oh, I just read The Handmaid’s Tale recently. My son’s studies it in English, in his last year of high school. I advised him to look at it as if it was any other cold war read, because that’s something he’s interested in. This one’s a fascinating read. Either love it or hate it.

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