Christmas in July – Family Food Favorites

It’s #FlashbackThursday and I am closing out Christmas in July with a few family favorite recipes from the past.

From September 2020, Mom M’s Snack Mix is a mix of crackers, cereal, pretzels and nuts all baked in a ranch, dill seasoning. It came from Dave’s Mom and something we make every Christmas.

From December 2021, Scalloped Oysters A Christmas Dinner Favorite, or not so favorite. This comes from my family; some loved it, others did not. Now that I live close to the source and can readily get oysters, I can enjoy anytime.

From December 2021, Peppermint Chocolate Sauce Bourbon Barrel Beer with a Candy Cane Twist. New in 2021, th sauce was a hit, the beer by itself was not. The post shows many great uses for this delicious sauce.

July here in the States has certainly not felt like Christmas, but it is fun to look back, wouldn’t you agree? I hope you will checkout these posts and leave a comment and I’ll respond.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July – Family Food Favorites

  1. Whispered Words

    Christmas in July. We have done it a few times, with our children when they were young and more recently in 2021-just me and my husband- as it was a Covid lockdown time in Australia. Christmas is so hot here so the July option let’s us enjoy the more traditional fare of hot dishes.

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    1. July does seem like a better time to celebrate the traditions of Christmas. Since we moved to the southern US from Upstate New York, Christmas anytime isn’t the same. Since it’s just my husband and I we usually take a holiday as our celebration. Yes, Covid has thrown everyone into a quandry.

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