Who Killed Virginia Branch? – a 99-word story

Looking out at the hills of North Carolina

High in the Catskill hills sits the rustic, yet elegant, Hilltop Lodge. Visitors come from near and far to bask in the luxury and serenity of this remote location, Owner Virginia Branch’s dream come true.

We entered the bar as a wedding party was ending. No one noticed the happy couple had already retired. We settled in for drink and sustenance. All was quiet when we retired. Pondering a few days of solitude and self-reflection we quickly fell asleep.

Awakened by screams, sirens and loud chatter, we stepped onto our balcony and heard someone cry, “Virginia’s been shot, dead!”

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Reference to actual persons or places is unintended. To my knowledge there is no Hilltop Lodge owned by one Virginia Branch in the Catskill hills.

Each week Charli at Carrot Ranch invites participants to submit a 99-word (no more, no less) story on a given prompt. I missed last week, but you can read the other submissions in the Collection using prompt SWEET AS CHERRIES.

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