The Doctor Is In! #tuesdaytrivia

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After a short delay, we are back with another Children’s Classic trivia question.


Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote under the pen name Dr. Seuss. He penned the name using his middle name and put Dr. in front because his father always wanted him to be a doctor. He also wrote under Theo LeSieg (Theodor and LeSieg Geisel backwards.)

Dr. Seuss’ publisher felt that first grade children were having trouble learning to read with books containing more than 400 words. They would become bored, he thought. So, he sent Dr. Seuss 400 words and asked him to narrow it down to 250. Dr. Seuss wrote “The Cat in the Hat” with 236.

In 1960 a gentleman by the name of Bennett Cerf made a bet with Dr. Seuss that he couldn’t write a book with only 50; Dr. Seuss then wrote “Green Eggs and Ham.”

How did you do? I hope you are enjoying Tuesday Trivia. Please invite your friends to visit and play long as well.

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