Sarah had always known she was adopted. The Graham’s told her she was loved as their own. Growing up her life had seemed almost normal, but somehow different from her friend’s.

She remembered coming to live with the Graham’s from “the home.” She was 13 months old and had been at “the home” since birth. The truth of who her birth parents were was sealed somewhere in the vast darkness of the unknown. When questions were asked about family, parental medical history, nationality, she had no answers.

Sarah had her own questions. What if she were to marry, have children? Did she even want to marry, have children? What if she found her real parents? Would they want to meet her? Why would they, they had abandoned her years ago?  Would the Graham’s support and help her look? Sarah knew she had to look, she had to find answers. She wanted to know, she needed to know.

The characters in this story are fictitious. Some today seem to believe that an unwanted child can and will be adopted at birth, then everyone returns to a normal happy life; nobody gets hurt.

1I wrote this wondering what it might be like for that child. Sarah, in my story, is a lucky girl. She found loving parents. But I think of all the other unlucky children – the ones who don’t get good parents or the ones who never get parents. I also think about the birth mother and father. What happened to them? Do they deserve any sympathy or only blame?

There is so much more that could be said about the subject of abortion and adoption and as many different viewpoints. I wrote this as I thought about those and felt it needed to be shared. I am closing comments as my blog is not intended as a platform for political discussion. I do ask you to consider the view from all sides. Thank you.