Good Bones, Ghosts and Black Cats – 99-word-story

October 24, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about bones. It can be any genre or tone. Is it spooky, irreverant, poignant? Go where the prompt leads!

Alice had always admired the old Victorian with its wraparound porch, pitched roof, and turrets. Vacant since the Frank’s moved away, people said it was haunted. Alice saw potential, a happy home for her and Tommy.

Home Inspector Willis reported, “It needs lots of work but has good bones.”

Offer accepted. Deal done. Just days before Halloween, Alice opened the door to their new home, a cold wind permeated their skin.

“Wow, Mom, that was weird.”

To not worry Tommy, “No worries, son, probably a broken window.”

Then Alice spotted it, the black cat sat grinning on the stairs.

I used this week’s 99-word challenge to continue my story about the black Cheshire cat stalking Alice from my post Horror Story First Liners.

Read the October 17th Collection referencing the phrase, “I see the light in you.” This is an awesome collection of bright light stories.

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