What do a feather, yoga and iron have in common?

For November Cowsino write a Story Spine.

What is the Story Spine? Write seven sentences using the following format:

  • Once upon a time…
  • Until…
  • Because of that…
  • Because of that…
  • Because of that…
  • Finally…

I had a bit of fun with this month’s spin and hope it puts a smile on your face. If you would like to participate or read other people’s offering, visit Saddle Up Saloon: Cowsino November 2022.

Now, on to my story:

image shows a casino one-armed bandit with images of a feather, a girl in sitting yoga position, and a red circle with the word iron
use the 3 pictures in the image for inspiration

Every day the Yoga Queen sat on her throne with King faithfully close-by on a feather pillow.

The Queen loved her King and when he became ill, she lamented, dropping into a deep depression.

She took to sitting longer and longer in her meditative state.

And when King died, she lapsed into such a state of depression that no one could rouse her.

She ignored food and drink, then she died.

Then, a miracle happened. King returned, which wasn’t a miracle at all because we all know – cats have 9 lives – and King still had 5.

Oh, the IRON-Y.

PS: The Yoga Queen didn’t really die, people only thought she did. Both the Queen and King are alive and well.

How did I do? Did I make you smile? Hope so. Let me know in the Comments.

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